Airpods Max Cases

Charlotte Rivera
12 min readMar 24, 2024



Are you tired of your Airpods Max flopping around in your bag or getting scratched up on your coffee table? Look no further! In this roundup, we’ve gathered some of the best cases that not only provide protection but also enhance the sleek design of your premium headphones. Stay tuned to find the perfect case for your Airpods Max while keeping them safe and stylish at all times.

The Top 7 Best Airpods Max Cases

  1. Pink Posie Rosie AirPods Max Case Cover — The Wildflower Pink Posie Rosie AirPods Max Case Cover is the ultimate protection solution for your Apple headphones, boasting a stylish design, precise cutouts, and easy accessibility.
  2. Handmade Crochet AirPods Max Headphone Covers with Cherry Design — Introducing the luxurious and handmade Airpods Max Headphone Covers by ggümm studio, available in a variety of cherry designs, perfect for showcasing your unique style while protecting your investment.
  3. Aura AirPods Max Cover — Experience the ultimate off-duty model accessory with the Wildflower Aura AirPod Max Cover: a scratch-resistant and lightweight cover designed to protect and enhance your AirPod Max headphones, while perfectly complementing your outfit.
  4. Stylish Ultra-Comfortable Bow Beau AirPods Max Cover — The Wildflower Bow Beau Airpods Max Cover brings a stylish, functional touch to your headphones, offering scratch resistance, shock absorption, and a lightweight design that elevates your off-duty model look.
  5. Genuine Leather Airpods Max Case — Experience luxurious protection with our personalized, hard-wearing Airpods Max cases, featuring topgrain crazy horse leather and tough stitching for a unique, antique look.
  6. 3D Printed Airpod Max Cases — Stylish and unique, these 3D printed headphone protectors add a pop of personality to your listening experience, keeping your Airpods Max or Sony XM4/XM5 safe and secure while drawing attention from the crowd!
  7. Genuine Leather Earphone Cover for Sony WH1000XM3 and WH1000XM4 — Customizable and Protective Earphone Cover for Airpods Max, Sony WH1000XM3, and WH1000XM4, in Premium Genuine Leather, available in various colors with personalized free embossment.As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Pink Posie Rosie AirPods Max Case Cover


I recently got my hands on the Wildflower Cases Pink Posie Rosie Airpod Max Cover, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for my Airpods Max. The first thing that struck me was how incredibly stylish and eye-catching the design is. It’s not just about protection here, but also about making a fashion statement.

The cover is made of high-quality materials that provide excellent shock absorption, ensuring that my Airpods Max remain safe from daily wear and tear. I’m always on the go, so this level of protection is quite reassuring. Despite the robustness, the case maintains a sleek profile, making it easy for me to carry around without adding any bulk.

One thing I particularly appreciate about this cover is how it complements the design of my Airpods Max perfectly. It has precise cutouts that provide easy access to all buttons and ports, allowing me to use my headphones seamlessly without needing to remove the case. This is a small detail, but it makes a world of difference in terms of convenience.

However, there’s one minor issue that I noticed. The trim on the edges of the cover is white, which stands out a bit too much against my space gray Airpods Max. I wish there were options for a darker trim, clear trim, or a design where the color wraps around without any visible trim. However, this doesn’t detract from the overall quality and appeal of the case.

In conclusion, the Wildflower Cases Pink Posie Rosie Airpod Max Cover is an excellent investment if you’re looking to protect your Airpods Max while making a bold fashion statement. It’s well-made, stylish, and provides the necessary protection without adding any unnecessary bulk. Aside from the trim issue, I have no complaints and would recommend this cover to anyone in search of a trendy and reliable solution for their Airpods Max.

Handmade Crochet AirPods Max Headphone Covers with Cherry Design


I recently purchased the Cherry Design Handmade Airpods Max Headphone Covers from Etsy and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Made with care and precision by talented crochet artists, these eye-catching covers have quickly become my favorite accessory for my Airpods Max.

What really sets these covers apart is their unique design and vibrant colors. I chose the cherry pattern, but there are so many other beautiful options to choose from. From floral patterns to cute animal designs, there’s something for everyone. These covers not only look stylish but also add a touch of cozy comfort to the often cold and metallic-looking Airpods Max.

The quality is top-notch, which is a testament to the expertise of the crochet artists who make these pieces. In addition, their communication was great throughout the entire process, ensuring that I got exactly what I wanted.

However, one minor inconvenience I encountered was that these covers do not fit perfectly into the original Apple case. I wish I had selected the button closure instead, but it’s easily fixable with some adjustments. This does not take away from the overall fantastic experience I’ve had with this product.

I highly recommend the Cherry Design Handmade Airpods Max Headphone Covers to anyone looking to add some style and comfort to their listening experience. It’s a small investment that makes a big difference!

Aura AirPods Max Cover


As a product reviewer, I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Wildflower Aura Airpod Max Cover. This cover is not only fashionable but also provides great protection to your Airpods Max. The Aura case is made with polyurethane, making it lightweight and durable. But the standout feature for me was the vibrant design that perfectly matched my personal style.

The Aura Airpod Max Cover doesn’t just look good; it also offers practical benefits. It fits perfectly over the headphones, ensuring that every part is covered and protected. The shock absorption provided by the case has already saved my Airpods Max from a few falls, and I appreciate how effortless it is to install.

One potential downside to note is the trimming on the edges of the case comes in white, which might stand out too much on darker Airpods Max like mine. A dark trim, clear trim, or a design where the color wraps all the way around would have been perfect.

Yet despite this minor gripe, I absolutely love my Wildflower Aura Airpod Max Cover. Its stylish design adds a pop of color to any outfit and has earned me quite a few compliments. This case is definitely worth considering if you want to give your Airpods Max the off-duty model treatment!

Stylish Ultra-Comfortable Bow Beau AirPods Max Cover


As a dedicated AirPods Max user, I can’t express enough how much I adore the Wildflower Bow Beau. This stylish cover not only adds a pop of color to my headphones but also provides a perfect balance between functionality and fashion. The scratch-resistant material ensures lasting protection, while the easy-to-remove design makes it a breeze to switch up my look with minimal effort.

The only cons I can think of with this product are that it might not suit everyone’s taste, and it doesn’t offer much in terms of shock absorption. Overall, if you’re looking for a chic accessory to upgrade your AirPods Max, the Wildflower Bow Beau is the perfect choice.

Genuine Leather Airpods Max Case


I’ve been using this real deal leather Airpods Max case for a few weeks now, and I must say, it’s a game-changer. The crazy horse leather not only looks stunning but also feels luxurious to touch. Its durability has been impressive, and I can clearly see the craftsmanship in the tough stitching.

One of the features that I particularly love is how personalizable this case is. I was able to get it engraved with my initials, which adds a lovely touch of personalization. It’s perfect as a gift, and I’m sure the recipient will appreciate the effort put into customizing it.

In terms of size, it’s quite lightweight and fits my Airpods Max perfectly, even with the smart case on. The case also comes with a hard-wearing zip, ensuring my headphones stay safe and secure within.

However, there are a few things that could be improved. The leather may have some natural wrinkles and pores, which might be off-putting to some people. Additionally, the processing time can be a bit longer than expected, but this is understandable given that each case is customized to the buyer’s specifications.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this leather Airpods Max case. Its high-quality leather and personalization options make it a unique and thoughtful gift. If you’re in the market for a stylish and protective case for your Airpods Max, this one is definitely worth considering.

3D Printed Airpod Max Cases


I recently got my hands on these unique Spike Pattern Headphone Protectors, and I must say, they have been my go-to accessory for my Airpods Max. Not only do they add a touch of personality to my headphones, but they also provide a sense of security, as the textured surface prevents any potential slipping.

One particular feature that caught my eye was the two mounting types to choose from — the paste type and the buckle type. The paste type works great with all types of headphones, even Sony, Bose, and Beats, while the buckle type is designed specifically for the Airpods Max, allowing easy installation and removal without scratching them.

I was also impressed by the high-quality nano double-sided adhesive that comes with the paste type. Not only does it keep the attachment secure, but it also ensures that I can always remove and reuse it without causing any damage to my headphones — a definite plus!

My only concern is that the 3D printed products will inevitably have some defective burrs on the edges. However, this minor issue does not detract from the overall quality of the product, and with a little patience, these Spike Pattern Headphone Protectors can truly be a game-changer for anyone looking to personalize their headphones or protect them from scratches.

Genuine Leather Earphone Cover for Sony WH1000XM3 and WH1000XM4


I’ve been using this stylish case cover for my Airpods Max, and it’s been a game-changer. Not only does it provide extra protection, but it also adds a personalized touch with the custom engraving option.

The genuine leather is of great quality, giving the case a premium look and feel. The only downside I noticed is that the case is a bit bulky, but it’s worth it for the added protection and elegance.

Overall, a highly recommended purchase! .

Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the perfect AirPods Max case to keep your investment safe and secure? Here’s a comprehensive buyer’s guide that details important features, considerations, and general advice about AirPods Max cases to help you make an informed decision.

1. Durability

Look for a case made from high-quality and long-lasting materials such as fabric, leather, or polycarbonate. Durability is essential to protect your AirPods Max from bumps, scratches, and water damage.


2. Cushioned Interior

A cushioned interior ensures your AirPods Max remain protected from impact and scratches. The lining should be soft and smooth, making it easy to insert and remove your headphones without any issues.

3. Zipper Enclosure

A secure zipper enclosure prevents your AirPods Max from accidentally falling out of the case when it’s being moved or transported. Zippers with a smooth operation and easy-to-grasp tab are ideal.

4. Ergonomic Design

Choose a case that’s easy and comfortable to hold, ensuring seamless portability and ease of use. An ergonomically designed handle or carrying loop can make a world of difference when you’re on the go.


5. Warranty and Customer Support

Look for a case with a warranty or guarantee, as well as responsive customer support. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re protected if any issues arise with your purchase.

6. Aesthetics

While not a deal-breaker, the appearance of your case may reflect your personal style. Choose a design that complements your taste and preferences, and remember that the AirPods Max case can add as much flair to your tech accessories as it delivers protection.

7. Price and Value

There are a wide range of AirPods Max cases available at varying price points. Determine your budget and prioritize the features that are most important to you. Remember that sometimes paying a premium can result in a higher-quality, longer-lasting case that provides better value in the long run.

In summary, choosing the perfect AirPods Max case involves considering factors such as durability, cushioned interior, zipper enclosure, ergonomic design, warranty and customer support, aesthetics, and price. By evaluating these features and weighing your priorities, you’ll be well-equipped to select the ideal case for your AirPods Max.



1. What features should I look for in an Airpods Max case?

Look for a case that is designed specifically for Airpods Max, is lightweight, has a durable construction, and offers protection against scratches, dust, and impact damage. Also consider cases with integrated compartments or straps for carrying additional accessories like charging cables.

2. How do I clean my Airpods Max case?

To clean your Airpods Max case, gently wipe it with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Avoid getting any moisture into the openings. If necessary, you can use a mild, slightly dampened cloth to clean the exterior. Never use cleaning products or compressed air on your case.


3. Do all Airpods Max cases come with a carabiner?

Not all Airpods Max cases come with a carabiner. Check the product description or specifications before purchasing a case. Some cases may have integrated compartments or straps for carrying additional accessories instead of a carabiner.

4. Can I charge my Airpods Max while they’re in the case?

Yes, you can charge your Airpods Max while they’re in the case. Place the earbuds back into the charging case and plug the case into a power source using a Lightning cable. Your Airpods Max will charge automatically when the case is connected to power.

5. How long does it take to fully charge an Airpods Max case with a Lightning cable?

It typically takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge an Airpods Max case with a Lightning cable. However, this may vary depending on the power source and the charging condition of your case and Airpods Max.


6. Are there different styles of Airpods Max cases?

Yes, there are various styles of Airpods Max cases available, including hard-shell cases, leather cases, and silicone cases. Some cases have unique designs, such as folio cases, while others come in various colors to match your personal style.

7. Can I use a third-party Airpods Max case with my device?

Yes, you can use a third-party Airpods Max case with your device as long as it is designed specifically for Airpods Max and provides proper protection and functionality.

8. Is it safe to keep my Airpods Max in their case all the time?

Yes, it is safe to keep your Airpods Max in their case when not in use. The charging case not only keeps your earbuds protected but also helps maintain their battery life. However, it is recommended to remove your Airpods Max from the case and use them periodically to extend their lifespan.

9. How can I tell if my Airpods Max case is genuine?

Genuine Airpods Max cases will typically have an Apple logo on the exterior of the case, and the inside of the case will display a label with an Apple logo and a product code that starts with “MN. “ Be cautious of cases that appear to be counterfeit or of low quality, as they may not provide adequate protection for your Airpods Max.

10. Do I need a special case to protect my Airpods Max from humidity or moisture?

While a high-quality Airpods Max case can help protect your earbuds from minor dust and scratch damage, it is not designed to protect against humidity or moisture. If you frequently expose your Airpods Max to humid environments, you may want to consider using a water-resistant case or cover for added protection.