Gun Case Locks

Charlotte Rivera
19 min readMar 24, 2024



Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Gun Case Locks! In this article, we’ll be discussing the top-of-the-line options available in the market that will provide the ultimate protection for your firearm. We’ll dive into the features, benefits, and pros and cons of each lock to help you make an informed decision. So, buckle up and get ready to secure your investment with the perfect Gun Case Lock!

The Top 16 Best Gun Case Locks

  1. Instant-Access Portable Gun Lock Box with Polycarbonate Shell — Securely protect your firearm with the StopBox, a portable, instant-access handgun lock box, which features a code lock for easy accessibility in the dark and under stress.
  2. Heavy-Duty Biometric Gun Safe for Quick Access and Enhanced Security — Unlock your peace of mind with Stalwart’s Biometric Desk Mount Gun Safe, offering quick access, 3-option security, and strong construction, all within a sleek black design.
  3. Secure Biometric Pistol Safe with Fingerprint Access and Safety Alarm — Discover the top-rated Yescom Handgun Safe, featuring a biometric fingerprint keypad for ultimate security, and enjoy a secure, portable solution for your pistols, valuables, and confidential documents.
  4. Fortress Portable Safe with Secure Combination Lock — Stay safe and secure with the Fortress 11C10 Portable Safe, featuring a 3-digit combination lock, solid steel construction, and foam-padded interior for optimal protection and convenience.
  5. Portable Dual-Lid Gun Lock Box with Security Cable — Secure and convenient storage for up to two handguns, with a sturdy 16-gauge steel housing, dual keyed-alike locks, and a foldable carry handle.
  6. Pistol Gun Case with Combination Lock: Secure and Portable — Protect your pistols with the BTEXPECT 4-Gun Safe, featuring a 3-digit combination lock, high-density foam lining, and anti-skid bottom for maximum security and durability.
  7. Jolitac Portable Carbon Steel Gun Safe with Backup Keys and Combination Lock — Stay secure with the Jolitac portable handgun safe, featuring a quick unlock card for easy access and multiple lock options for added protection.
  8. Master Lock Gun Trigger Lock for Maximum Safety and Protection — Master Lock 90DSPT Gun Trigger Lock offers unparalleled durability, 4 — pin tumbler protection, and is compatible with most handguns, shot guns & rifles, making it an indispensable security solution for gun owners.
  9. Secure Electronic Gun Safe for Valuables — Secure your valuables and firearms with Stalwart’s Electronic Gun Safe, boasting a digital keypad, manual override, and mounting options for increased safety.
  10. Secure Single Pistol Combination Lock Safe Box — Secure your valuables with the Tracker Safe Single Pistol Combination Lock Safe Box, featuring a durable 18-gauge steel construction, convenient mechanical combination lock, and versatile mounting options.
  11. Hideaway Vent Safe for Concealed Handgun Storage with RFID Access — Securely store valuables in plain sight with the QuickVent Safe Plus, a keyless RFID entry designed for quick access and easy concealment in your home.
  12. Firearm Safety Devices Corporation: Premium Gun Case Locks for Optimal Safety — Stay safe and secure with FSDC Keyed Trigger Lock CA Key Alike, providing peace of mind preventing accidents, unauthorized use, and acting as a deterrent for suicide prevention, while maintaining your gun’s finish with rubber protection pads.
  13. Secure Compact Gun Vault for Valuable Storage — Secure, portable, and versatile, the Lockdown Compact Combination Handgun Vault is a must-have for firearms and valuables storage on-the-go.
  14. Durable Gun Case Lock for Multiple Weapons — Secure your firearms with confidence and style using the Bulldog Cases Keyed Trigger Lock — a top-quality product designed with craftsmanship, convenience, and durability in mind.
  15. Electronic Pistol Safe with Key Lock — Secure your valuables with the Buffalo Electronic Personal Safe, featuring an easy-to-use keypad lock, 26 gauge steel construction, and anti-theft measures.
  16. Portable Medium Gun Safe with Steel Cable for Optimized Security — Secure your firearms with ease and style — the Portable Handgun Safe P-8 offers top-notch quality, sturdiness, and ease of use, making it the go-to choice for gun enthusiasts and home safety.As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Instant-Access Portable Gun Lock Box with Polycarbonate Shell


The StopBox, an instant-access handgun retention device, is a portable storage solution that offers both safety and convenience. I’ve been using it daily to keep my firearm secure but easily accessible in the case of an emergency.

One of the key features that stood out to me is the StopBox’s hand gesture code lock system. It’s intuitive and easy to use, even in the dark or under stress. The polycarbonate material and sturdy build of the box also impressed me, providing a solid sense of security for my firearm.

However, there were a few drawbacks to my experience. While the foam quality and interior space were adequate for my specific needs, they might be limiting factors for users with larger pistols or multiple magazines. Additionally, the plastic components felt somewhat brittle and not as premium as I would have expected for the price.

Overall, the StopBox is a well-designed, portable gun case that I’ve found to be convenient and reliable in my daily life. While it’s not perfect, it has proven to be effective in providing quick access to my firearm while maintaining a sense of security.

Heavy-Duty Biometric Gun Safe for Quick Access and Enhanced Security


As a reviewer, I’ve been using this Stalwart Biometric Desk Mount Gun Safe for a few weeks now, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for my home security. The biometric design is a brilliant feature, allowing me to quickly access my firearms with just a touch of my finger. The backup keys are a great fallback plan for those times when the fingerprint scanner isn’t working, or if I need to share access with a family member or friend.

One thing that stands out about this safe is its robust construction. The 14-gauge carbon steel feels incredibly solid, providing a sense of security that’s hard to find in other gun safes. However, I do wish it came with an impact detection system or even a fire rating. Overall, this Stalwart gun safe has made my daily life much more secure, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly gun safe.

Secure Biometric Pistol Safe with Fingerprint Access and Safety Alarm


Having used the Yescom Handgun Safe for Pistol Security, I can confidently say it’s a sturdy and reliable option for securing your firearms. The biometric fingerprint lock and 4-button key pad ensure that only authorized users can access the safe. However, it can be tricky to set up initially.

One of the standout features is the safety alarm function which alerts you of any unauthorized access or motion — a definite plus for peace of mind. The reinforced steel construction is a strong point, offering excellent protection against impact and prying attempts. The LED light and divided interior make organizing your valuables a breeze.

On the downside, the safe requires 4 AA batteries which aren’t included, adding an extra cost. Also, the net weight of 9 lbs might make it less portable than expected. Overall, despite a few minor flaws, the Yescom Handgun Safe is a robust choice for securing your handguns.

Fortress Portable Safe with Secure Combination Lock


The Fortress Portable Safe provided me with the much-needed peace of mind I was searching for, when it came to safeguarding my personal belongings. I was particularly impressed by the solid steel construction, which made it strong and durable.

The 3-digit combination lock was easy to set and the cable to secure it to a fixed object was a handy feature. However, the foam padding on the interior was a bit flimsy and could have been better. While it met TSA guidelines, I wouldn’t recommend this safe if you’re storing items with a significant sentimental value.

Portable Dual-Lid Gun Lock Box with Security Cable


In my daily life, I’ve been using the Hornady Security Dual Lid Lock Box to securely store my firearms and ammo. One of the key features I appreciate is its durable 16-gauge steel housing, which adds an extra layer of protection against theft and damage.

The foldable carry handle makes it easy to transport, and I often find myself appreciating the premium foam interior that prevents any scratches or movement of my valuables. What stands out negatively is the handle’s uncomfortable design when holding it, and the sometimes tricky insertion of the key to lock it properly.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the protection this box provides for my belongings.

Pistol Gun Case with Combination Lock: Secure and Portable


Looking for a safe, stylish, and reliable way to store your pistols? The BTEXPECT Gun Safes might just be the perfect solution for you. Made of durable aluminum, ABS, and foam material, this sleek and modern lock box promises to provide ultimate security for your firearms.

One of the standout features of the BTEXPECT Gun Safes is its high-density foam lining, ensuring your guns and valuables are well protected from scratches or damage. It also comes with a non-slip handle, offering a comfortable grip, and an anti-skid bullet feet, ensuring the safe remains stable even when placed vertically.

The BTEXPECT Gun Safe comes equipped with a digital combination lock, providing maximum security against unauthorized access. However, it does lack a water resistance feature, which might be worth considering for those living in humid or wet conditions.

Overall, this gun safe has earned a high rating of 4.5 from its users, suggesting that it is well-designed and effective in its primary purpose. With its portable design, the BTEXPECT Gun Safes offer a stylish and convenient way to store your firearms while also giving you and your family a sense of security.

Jolitac Portable Carbon Steel Gun Safe with Backup Keys and Combination Lock


I recently had the chance to use the Jolitac Pistol Gun Safe Box, and it’s perfect for someone who needs quick and easy access to their handgun or other valuable items while still ensuring proper security. The portable design allows you to secure it in various locations like your car, home, or even when traveling. The back-up keys and combination button unlock methods also help you maintain peace of mind while on the go.

The high-grade PU handle is easy to grip, and the heavy-duty lock case keeps your belongings safe from drilling, tampering, rust, and shock. The safety heavy-duty cable is a great addition to protect the lock box from theft attempts. While I appreciate the compact design, it would be nice to have more color options available.

Overall, the Jolitac Pistol Gun Safe Box is a reliable and convenient option for carrying your handgun and other valuables securely.

Master Lock Gun Trigger Lock for Maximum Safety and Protection


Recently, I had the opportunity to use the Master Lock 90DSPT Gun Trigger Lock in my daily life. As a responsible gun owner, safety and security are paramount to me, and this lock delivered on both fronts. Made from sturdy metal, it felt solid to the touch and gave me peace of mind.

One of the features that stood out for me was the 4-pin tumbler, which provides an added layer of security against potential thieves. It was easy to use and gave me the confidence that my weapon was well protected when I wasn’t around. The key blanks were a nice touch, allowing me to switch between different keys effortlessly.

However, there were a couple of cons worth mentioning. On occasion, I noticed some minor scratches on the metal, although they were hardly noticeable and didn’t affect the overall functionality. Additionally, while I appreciate the variety of key blank options, I found that some of them were tougher to remove from the lock than others.

In conclusion, the Master Lock 90DSPT Gun Trigger Lock proved to be a reliable and secure choice for keeping my weapons secure. It was relatively easy to use and provided the necessary protection without being overly complicated. I would certainly recommend it to fellow gun owners who value safety and security in their lives.

Secure Electronic Gun Safe for Valuables


Imagine my relief when I finally found a secure and practical solution to safely store my firearms at home. This Electronic Gun Safe by Stalwart came to the rescue. With its thick steel walls and door, it gave me the peace of mind I was looking for.

This gun lock features a digital keypad entry that allows you to program passcodes between three to eight digits. I found it convenient, but wished it opened a bit quieter for stealth purposes. Nevertheless, the two manual override keys included were a nice safety net in case I forgot my passcode.

Mounting this gun safe was hassle-free as well, thanks to the provided hardware. It’s a simple yet effective solution to protect your valuables and small firearms from unauthorized access, making it my go-to for home defense.

Secure Single Pistol Combination Lock Safe Box


As a firearm owner, I found the Tracker Safe to be a reliable solution for storing my pistol in a safe manner. The sturdy 18-gauge steel construction and impact-resistant design give me peace of mind, knowing my valuables are secure.

The 36-inch security cable is a nice added feature for portability, and the lock type is simple to use. However, I noticed that the foam lining doesn’t exactly cover the bottom of the box, which might cause some concerns for the long-term protection of my firearm.

Overall, the Tracker Safe is a solid choice for pistol storage, but I’d recommend considering an alternative with a more secure foam lining for ultimate protection.

Hideaway Vent Safe for Concealed Handgun Storage with RFID Access


The QuickSafe Plus from QuickSafes is a cleverly designed air vent-styled safe that effortlessly hides your firearms, jewelry, and other valuables right under your nose! Its unassuming appearance makes it a perfect hiding spot in plain sight. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to install — simply attach it between 16-inch center wall studs in no time!

One of the most notable aspects of this safe is its impressive keyless RFID entry system. No more hunting for keys or struggling with combinations; just tap the card, key fob, token, or wristband on the center of the top, and voila! Your valuables are unlocked and accessible at your fingertips. The safe even comes with two credit-card-sized RFIDs, one key fob, one token, and one wristband for added convenience.

What’s more, the QuickSafe Plus is equipped with a built-in back-up power pack that ensures your valuables are secure, even if the main batteries fail. Just remember to supply four AA batteries for the back-up pack! For those who prefer extra security, the safe also offers the ability to program up to 16 RFID keys, allowing you to access your hidden treasures with ease.

In my daily life, the QuickSafe Plus has proven to be a reliable and efficient solution for securely storing my most important possessions. With its sleek design, ease of use, and top-notch security features, I’ve experienced firsthand how this safe truly makes a difference in protecting my valuables.

That being said, while this safe has impressed me with its overall functionality and performance, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider. For one, you may need to pay a premium for the RFID key replacement if you happened to lose or misplace them. Additionally, while the keyless entry system is an excellent feature, it may take some getting used to figuring out just the right spot to tap to access your hidden stash.

Overall, the QuickSafe Plus is a well-rounded, innovative solution for keeping your valuables close and secure. Its unobtrusive appearance and keyless entry system make it a standout option for those in need of reliable protection for their prized possessions.

Firearm Safety Devices Corporation: Premium Gun Case Locks for Optimal Safety


Last week, I was introduced to the FSDC Keyed Trigger Lock CA Key Alike. It’s a reliable, easy-to-install product that provides serious peace of mind, particularly for families with firearms. The rubber pads on this lock are not only securing but also prevent any damage to the firearm finish.

One of the most striking features of this lock is its compliance with both the California Department of Justice & the Maryland Handgun Roster Board. It’s a small addition that adds considerable value to the product. On the other hand, it’s slightly bulky — a trade-off I’m willing to make for increased safety.

The single-key feature is another highlight, making it convenient to keep and manage multiple locks. However, the ‘finishing’ aspect of this lock, while functional, does make it a bit challenging to use with some firearms’ intricate design. It’s definitely worth the small adjustment required to enjoy the added security.

This product is perfect for anyone seeking dependable storage solutions for their firearm collection, ensuring not only safety but also preserving the finish of the firearm itself. It’s not an ideal choice for every gun lover out there but for those prioritizing peace of mind in their gun handling, it’s a game changer.

Secure Compact Gun Vault for Valuable Storage


The Lockdown Compact Combination Handgun Vault caught my attention thanks to its sleek and convenient design. I’ve been using it for a while now, and I’m quite pleased with its performance. It’s lightweight and doesn’t take up much room, making it perfect for storing my compact handgun as well as other small valuables. Its quick and secure combination lock is a definite gamechanger since it eliminates the need for keys.

The vault’s tough all-steel construction has won me over, providing an additional peace of mind whenever I need to store my handgun. I can easily store it at home, in the car, or when traveling as it fits snugly in my suitcase. The vault might be compact, but it packs a punch with its sturdy interior foam that protects against accidental drops.

However, the vault’s smaller size means it may not be ideal for storing larger handguns, and the weight limit should be considered. As for the combination lock, while it’s secure, it might take a few attempts to remember the sequence if you don’t use it frequently.

In conclusion, the Lockdown Compact Combination Handgun Vault is a worthy contender for anyone in search of a secure and space-saving solution for their handgun storage needs.

Durable Gun Case Lock for Multiple Weapons


As a fervent gun enthusiast, I found myself in the market for a reliable and durable keyed trigger lock for my favorite handgun. The Bulldog Cases Keyed Trigger Lock seemed like the perfect solution; it boasted many enticing features such as a positive locking mechanism, adjustable ratchet, and even special cushion pads to protect the gun’s finish from damage.

Upon receiving the product, I was initially thrilled to try it out. But after a thorough testing, I soon encountered some unexpected drawbacks. While the cushion pads seemed to do their job in protecting the gun’s finish, the lock itself felt quite flimsy and poorly constructed, with only one of the three dials moving smoothly. This left me feeling frustrated and disappointed, as I had hoped for a more reliable and robust solution.

On the positive side, the Bulldog Cases Keyed Trigger Lock did fit my hand comfortably and installation was indeed a breeze. However, the overall experience left me yearning for something more sturdy and reliable. Unfortunately, this product failed to meet my expectations and, in hindsight, I wish I had opted for a different brand or model for my handgun storage needs.

Electronic Pistol Safe with Key Lock


As a reviewer, I’ve had the opportunity to use this Buffalo Outdoor Pistol Safe with Keypad Lock — Beige in my daily life. It’s a small personal safe that’s perfect for keeping important documents, jewelry, and handguns secure. The electronic keypad lock powered by 4 AA batteries, which are included along with 2 backup keys for added security, proved to be both functional and user-friendly.

The safe’s construction is noteworthy, with a solid 26 gauge steel build offering both durability and anti-theft features. A bolt-down kit with fixing bolts and 2 steel live-action locking bolts provided added protection. However, it’s worth mentioning that the safe isn’t fire-rated, which may be a downside for some users.

Overall, this Buffalo Electronic Personal Safe has been a dependable and convenient addition to my home security system. With its combination of ease of use, craftsmanship, and storage capabilities, it lives up to its 4.5-star rating and positive reviews from others.

Portable Medium Gun Safe with Steel Cable for Optimized Security


I recently had the chance to try out this portable handgun safe, and it turned out to be quite a handy addition to my home defense arsenal. The steel construction gives it a sturdy feel, and the locking mechanism felt very secure. I appreciated the included cable, which made it easy to attach to a fixed object for added security.

However, I did notice that the foam padding was a bit on the thin side, so I had to add my own for a more snug fit. Overall, it’s a great choice for those looking for a reliable and portable way to store their firearms.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to purchasing a gun case lock, there are several key factors to consider to ensure the safety and protection of your firearm. Here is a comprehensive guide on what to look for when shopping for a gun case lock.


Important Features

  • Durability: Look for locks made from high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear. A sturdy lock will also provide better protection against attempted theft.
  • Size: Make sure the lock fits your gun case properly. You want a lock that provides a snug fit without obstructing the case’s access. If your case has an irregular shape, consider locks designed for such cases.
  • Security: High-security locks are a good investment to deter potential thieves. Look for locks with multiple security features, such as tumblers, side barriers, or combination systems.
  • Ease of Use: A lock should be easy to use and quick to secure. Consider locks with easily adjustable settings, such as a dial or a key, to ensure quick and accurate operation.
  • Weather Protection: If you plan to store your gun case outdoors, choose a lock that can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as waterproofing or UV protection.


In addition to the features listed above, you should also consider the size and weight of your gun case and your own dexterity when selecting a lock. A lock that is too small or heavy can be difficult to use, especially if it requires frequent access. You should also consider the safety of your gun case and the lock when transporting it, particularly if you will be traveling with it.


General Advice

  • Don’t compromise on the quality of your gun case lock. While it may seem appealing to purchase one that is inexpensive, investing in a higher-quality lock can save you money in the long run by providing better protection and durability.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing and operating your gun case lock. This will ensure the best performance and safety for your firearm.
  • Consider purchasing a gun case lock with a warranty or a money-back guarantee to provide added security and peace of mind.

By following these tips and considering the features of the gun case locks available in the market, you can make an informed decision and ensure the safety and protection of your firearm.



Why do I need a gun case lock?

A gun case lock is essential for securing your firearm inside its case, protecting it from theft, unauthorized access, and accidental discharge. It also helps prevent misuse by children or anyone without proper training and authorization.

What types of gun case locks are available?

Gun case locks come in various types, such as cable locks, combination locks, padlocks, keyed locks, and electronic locks. Each type offers different levels of security, convenience, and ease of use.


How do I choose the right gun case lock?

  • Consider the size and weight of your gun case.
  • Determine the level of security you need, based on the value and importance of your firearm.
  • Assess your preference for a keyed lock, combination lock, or electronic lock.
  • Consider compatibility with the gun case’s locking system.

Are cable locks a good option for gun case security?

Cable locks can be a good option if used in conjunction with other security measures, but they are not the most secure option on their own. Cable locks can be cut or forced, allowing an intruder to access your firearm. However, they can still provide some deterrence against theft.


How much should I expect to spend on a quality gun case lock?

The cost of a quality gun case lock can vary greatly depending on the type and level of security it offers. You can find basic cable locks for under $20, while high-security electronic locks and keyed locks can cost several hundred dollars.

Can I use a gun case lock on any gun case?

Not all gun case locks are compatible with all types of gun cases. Some locks may require specific mounting hardware or adapters, while others may only be designed for use with certain brands or models of gun cases.

Can gun case locks be pick-proof or tamper-proof?

Yes, there are gun case locks that are designed to be resistant to picking, tampering, and other forms of unauthorized access. These locks typically use advanced locking mechanisms and materials to make them more difficult to defeat.

Should I use a gun case lock even if I don’t have a gun case?

If you own a firearm, it is highly recommended that you store it in a secure gun case, regardless of whether you use a lock or not. A gun case lock can provide added security and peace of mind, and can also help prevent accidental discharge or misuse.